Fort Recovery State Museum Happenings

Guns and Weapons Specialist Coming June 26, 3:00! Paul D. Lockhart

Firepower: How Weapons Shaped Warfare

Nazarene Family Center, 401 E. Boundary St.
Handicappable Accessible
No Charge

Author and Wright State University, Dayton, Distinguished Brage Golding Professor of Research, Ohio Academy of History Distinguished Historian, Paul Lockhart will have some very interesting facts to share with the audience. Lockhart who was in Fort Recovery recently to participate in the John Winkler Battleground Tour, took a close look at the guns the museum has and also at the cannon by the monument. He said, “ I discovered some interesting things about those weapons that I bet no one in Fort Recovery knows!” I can’t wait to hear his talk to see what we can learn about our own weapons plus of course the information covered in his “Firepower” book.

"A riveting history of how five hundred years of gunpowder have changed the way hundreds of millions have lived - and died." Victor Davis Hanson, author of THE SECOND WORLD WARS

"A fascinating, rip-roaring ride through the development of modern weapons technology and its impact upon war. Lockhart carefully dispels decades of myths..." Nick Lloyd, author of THE WESTERN FRONT: A HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR, 1914-1918

“Using revealing and often fascinating stories that weave together physics, chemistry, engineering, human brilliance and no little amount of human ego, he makes a persuasive case that military historians ignore the technical details at their peril.”—The Wall Street Journal

Lockhart books – Firepower, How Weapons Shaped Warfare, will be available for purchase and signing that Sunday, June 26.